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Activities, Gifts & Presents

Here you will find links to all things

activity and gift related. Companies 

who sell dementia related gifts and activities, and other useful links. If you'd like to change anything, add something, or find a broken link then please let us know here

Timeless Presents Ltd

Timeless Presents are a social enterprise selling activities and gifts specifically for people living with late stage dementia. They are the first in the UK to do so and their product range is growing. Their bespoke designs are particularly useful for engagement in late stage dementia.

Relish offers a wide range of gifts and activities. Mainly focusing on the early to mid stages of dementia they have a wide range of puzzles, various games and crafting activities. They also sell a self-developed dementia friendly radio and clock.


Many Etsy sellers specialise in products made for those in different stages of dementia. It's a good place to have a browse, especially for personalised items.


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