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About This Site

Welcome to The Dementia Directory, sister company of Timeless Presents Ltd. We realised that, even though Timeless Presents design gifts and activities for late stage dementia, many of our website visitors were looking for any information about dementia, especially the early stages. This reminded me of those early days and I remember them well. I searched for information and answers, that were not particularly forthcoming. Each person who has a dementia diagnosis has their own personal journey to travel, and while there may be similarities the course can be unpredictable. I know this now, in hindsight, but at the time I felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the blow we'd all been dealt with Dad's diagnosis, I felt afraid for the future and looked constantly for any change that would signal a decline. As it happened Dad was with us for 17 years post diagnosis, and his journey was a gentle one. What would have helped me early on? Honestly, someone to tell me the truth. That we all would cope, that we were stronger than we knew, that we would be there to support him to the very end, that he would know our love, and return it, even when he didn't know our names and that we remain family even now. In the light of these thoughts, and knowing that practical and positive information is hard to find, we're providing this site to be a place that information and positivity can gather together. We will run a blog, encourage participation and ideas to grow this site in whatever way supports our community effectively.

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